Seasonal Update

On Saturday, patchy rain fell in the Goulburn Valley, with some recording 10mm, while others only recorded a light drizzle. No rain has fallen in the region since.

With so much green feed along the east coast, farmers are busy turning this into hay or silage. Farmers are trying to capitalise on these conditions and make as much feed for themselves as possible.

Much of the eastern regions have good soil moisture so farmers have sown, or are sowing, cereal crops. Farmers are hoping to graze these crops through the winter before locking them up to make hay.

total forecast rainfall

Figure 1. BoM 8-Day Total Rainfall Forecast.

precipitation forecast

Figure 2. Farm Online Maps Precipitation Outlook.

Trading and Marketing

Farmers in the Goulburn Valley continue to sow rye grasses and early cereal crops. Water prices have significantly dropped in the region which has helped farmers irrigate annual grasses.

Demand continues to ease in the region. There is less hay being transported from the region, however large quantities are still moving. Similar to last week, a lot more hay is coming onto the market from verbal contracts that have been cancelled and its easier to find quality feed. It has been reported that many truck drivers have also continued to lower their fees.

Hay prices are drifting lower, with round bales stored in paddocks, and it has been the most aggressively priced in order to clear before the break.


cereal hay prices

Figure 3. Cereal hay prices into the Goulburn / Murray Valley.

Prices noted for this week:

Change per t
Cereal hay +/- 0 $280-340 Prices eased this week
Lucerne hay + $50 $550-700 Prices firmed this week
Straw – $15 $90-140 Prices eased this week
Pasture hay – $35 $300-380 Prices eased this week

Pictures of New Season Crops

new season crop

Hay: Oaten Hay SP (JC-1 Super)

Specifications: Soft, no spotting or weather damage, sweet & fresh aroma, very minimal dust contamination, JC-1 Super colour (95% Green) and JC-1 stem size (<5-6mm).

Location: Caldwell, NSW 2710



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By Katie Lindkvist, Wingara AG.