global market

Global Market

Wingara AG, has long-established relationships in the global market, especially with its international customers in Asia.

Wingara AG will continue to seek opportunities, through JC Tanloden and Austco Polar Cold Storage, to further diversify its high quality agricultural products and services.

Meat Product Growth

Developing markets are marked for significant improvements in household wealth and purchasing power, which generally flows to an increase in protein consumption trends.

The uplift in volumes going to Japan and China is helping to offset a drop in volumes to Korea and Indonesia.

The US and China are forecast to have strong growth in red meat consumption for the coming years and is a strategic focus for Wingara AG to market its agricultural products and services.

Fodder Product Growth

Oaten hay is the significant fodder product that Australian producers are exporting, especially with the Free Trade Agreement with China.

Wingara AG is one of only three processing facilities to receive an export licence in the last three years and China only imports oaten hay from Australia.

With this, Wingara AG aims to further capitalise on its established marketing channels and relationships in Asia to become a provider of high quality diversified Australian agricultural fodder products.

global market
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