Green foliage quality Wingara AG is a wholly integrated and
controlled supply chain solution for the
provision of quality agricultural produce
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Wingara AG Global market

Wingara AG is strongly positioned
to capitalise from the growing
Asian demand of quality Australian
agricultural produce in the coming

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Fully accredited export facilities
with unique competitive advantage
to facilitate growth potential
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About Us

Wingara AG Limited is building a portfolio of diversified mid-stream assets within the protein supply chain based on a ‘tolling model’ concept to capture throughput from accredited export facilities.

Our Vision

To unlock value in domestic and export markets, especially Asia, through our marketing platform and innovative services in accumulation and processing. 

Our Mission

To partner with our suppliers to compete on the global stage whilst managing risk through diversification.


wingara fodder products and services

Fodder and Hay feed is the primary commodity sold by Wingara AG. Due to the growing demand for dairy products in Asian markets, fodder will continue to rise. Wingara AG is strategically positioned to manage such demand.

Other export commodities for growth opportunities may include wheat, oat, lentils, canola, cottonseed, legumes and barley.

wingara global market

The continued growth in China coupled with stable markets in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan provides our Company with confidence that strong demand will continue for quality primary and secondary food products.

wingara investor centre

Wingara AG Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Visit the Investors section for up-to-date information about Wingara AG and performance.

Fully accredited export facilities put Wingara AG at a unique competitive advantage.

Environment, Social Responsibility  & Corporate Governance (ESG)

Quality and care for farmers is at the heart of the Wingara AG business to provide high quality agricultural products to both export and domestic markets.

Partner with our suppliers to compete on the global stage whilst managing risk through diversification.

Wingara AG Protein supply chain