Wingara AG About Us

Supporting Our Farmers & Community

Wingara AG will continue to grow with our farmers – sustainably, responsibly, and proactively.

The business prides itself on its “Farm Gate First” philosophy and by doing so, will continue to ensure the long term viability of our industry and our regional communities alike.

JC Tanloden has a rich history of building profitable and sustainable relationships with our growers. Established in 1985 JC Tanloden has cemented its place in the local community through our pro-active approach to the farm gate.

Our understanding of the production cycles of agricultural commodities is unparalleled, and our continued investment in key resources to ensure growers are well represented in the market bears testament to this mandate.

Now managed by Wingara AG, JC Tanloden prides itself on working with both established growers, as well as those new to the industry to educate and develop production and marketing practices that continue to evolve the industry and our grower partners’ operations.

JC Tanloden takes a long term approach to the production cycle. Through our industry-leading contracting and payment structures, we ensure growers are able to operate sustainable and innovative farming, marketing, and logistics practices that underpin the longevity of our grower relationships.

By continuing to invest in new facilities, JC Tanloden is able to grow with our farmers and ensure that the varied and unique needs of our individual growers are met. From just-in-time delivery, storage, cash flow requirements, agronomic motivations, and throughput efficiencies, our new facilities have been built with the farm gate in mind first. Through rigorous consultation with our growers, the business is acutely aware of the seasonal motivations from a primary production perspective, and strives to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility in execution. The new Raywood site is a clear example of a facility that has been built with our growers in mind, and this world class facility demonstrates what can be achieved with a consultative and farm gate orientated approach to supply chain development.

JC Tanloden understands that the life blood of the Australian Agricultural Industry is the communities that surround it. Over the life of the business, we have and will continue to support many community events, not for profits, and community initiatives that give back to the industry. This is done through donations, events, educational and industry development initiatives and perhaps most importantly, we employ our people from the very communities we represent, and will continue to grow with our communities through our people.