Seasonal Update

Patchy rain fell in the Goulburn Valley with some areas recording about 20mm while others recorded about 1mm.

Rains have soaked soils for some in the Goulburn Valley. Some farmers have started their sowing program and will be in full swing next week.

We haven’t seen a drop in demand, China is still pretty much the same, and at this stage the price is stable. China has been provided with many options for hay origin; they are currently able to be very picky regarding quality, but overall, the demand is still very strong. US Alfalfa hay may be affected by COVID-19 situation, but we will monitor this closely over the coming weeks.

total forecast rainfall

Figure 1. BOM 8-Day Rainfall Forecast.

precipitation forecast

Figure 2. Farm Online Maps Precipitation Outlook.

Trading and Marketing

As per last week, demand is steady in the Goulburn Valley. There is a lot less hay moving from the region, however large quantities are still moving from the region.

A lot more hay is coming onto the market from verbal contracts that have been cancelled and it easier to find quality feed. The market remains mostly quiet and most of the hay that is moving is contractual.

There are some new enquiries occurring in central west NSW, the Goulburn Valley, Gippsland and southwest Victoria. Most of the northern region markets remain quiet.


cereal hay prices

Figure 3. Cereal Hay Values into the Goulburn / Murray Valley.

Prices noted for this week:

With a reasonably quiet market there has been little change in price.

Change per t
Cereal hay  +/- $0 $250-330 Prices remain steady this week.
Lucerne hay  +/- $0 $450-650 Prices remain steady this week.
Straw +/- $0 $90-140 Prices remain steady this week
Pasture hay  +/- $0 $250-330 Prices remain steady this week.

Pictures of New Season Crops

Hay: Oaten Hay PW (Premium Rain Damage)

Specifications: Feels crunchy, minimal amount of weather damage/ stain/ spots, fresh aroma, <1% Rye Grass, JC-1 colour (85% Green) and JC-1 stem size (<6mm)

Location: Wychitella, VIC 3525

Wychitella Victoria 3525Wychitella Victoria 3525


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By Katie Lindkvist, Wingara AG.