Thank you for your interest in the Wingara AG Limited ACN 009 087 469 Entitlement Offer.

By clicking the link below to access the Entitlement Offer Prospectus (‘Prospectus’) and Entitlement and Acceptance Form (or ‘Application Form’), you acknowledge that:

  • Securities in Wingara AG Limited will only be issued or transferred on receipt of a valid and complete Application Form or on receipt of an electronic payment that is made with information derived from the Application Form; and
  • The Prospectus contains details about the offer, identity of the issuer, the nature of the securities offered, the price of the securities and the date of the disclosure document; and
  • You have read the Prospectus before applying for the securities; and
  • You understand that as part of the Entitlement Offer process, provision of your information about you as a shareholder (including your name, address and details of the shares you hold) is required by Wingara AG Limited under Chapter 2C of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) to be included in the public register of the entity in which you hold shares. Information is collected to administer your shareholding and if some or all of the information is not collected then it might not be possible to administer your shareholding. Your personal information may be disclosed to the entity in which you hold shares.

By clicking the link below to access the Prospectus, I confirm that I understand and agree with the above conditions.